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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Of Left and Right

I read this at Nick Steves (from Xenosystems): leftism (usually called Progressivism in the original literature). This got me thinking that both "leftism" and "progressivism" are defined in opposition to the present.

The same is true of "rightism". With more justification, as we'll get to - but ... well, again, we'll get to that.

The same is not true of Royalism (nor of Stalinism but - JUST KEEP READING). Once you arrive at a(n) Utopia, you're there. There is no further Right than the King - and if you do find yourself arguing that point, you're insane.

(Now, Stalinism: the core problem with any cult of personality, is that nobody was asking for Stalin / Hitler before the tyrant'd already taken charge. And you'll note their regimes did not last long. We on the not-Left are all about stability.)

I would recommend that we accept the Left's self-description as "the Left", or - better - "Progress" - with the understanding that the Progressive will never, ever, in her heart, reach that uttermost Left. For the Left is in politics as it is in a north-hemisphere hurricane vortex: it is the Downward Spiral; it is entropy, it is death and the Nothing. The Abyss has no bottom.

We on the Right have that advantage that we can stop, somewhere. With Reagan maybe. Or with Eisenhower, or Charles II; or with Henry II, or the Republic before the Gracchi. But I think we're not mere opposites to the Leftist movement; we are better off not pulling on their rope. We should call ourselves Reaganites, or Royalists; or just those who have imbibed the Red Pill.

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