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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Evangelising Muslims now has The Basics of Islam by Rudolph P Boshoff. Boshoff is apparently a middle-aged pastor in South Africa. This essay here is his study on how to bring the Saracen to the light of Christ. The first four sections are fair enough as analysis. The fifth and concluding section offers this proposal to solve the problem. Verbatim:

When we seek to evangelise Muslims we need to understand the pure animosity and resentment they feel towards the "Christian West" and Christianity as a whole. We need to minister to the Muslim in sensitivity and mutual respect and adequate knowledge (McCurry 1994:43). Islam takes from the Old Testament, Christianity as well as Arabian religions to describe their own narrative. Muhammad refers to these writings as truth and guidance even though it contradicts his own teachings. That which is contradictory is seen as a corruption of Allah's overall revelation (Boa 1990:39). When we evangelise it would be good to focus on the problem of Sin and the God of the Bible's resolution to it. We can also ask about the apparent differences between Islamic groups and also make sure as to what view the specific individual holds. Another important aspect Christians need to focus upon is the personal relationship Christians experience as a result of Christ. This is foreign to Muslims who do not have any concept about a personal God. We can also focus on the person and character of Muhammad and show his use of violence as well as his plethora of (Boa 1990:40). We should also show the unequal rights woman experience due to the ideal in Islam that woman is seemingly inferior (Boa 1990:41). Finally we can focus specifically on the person and work of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible and show the similarities in the Quran as well as the Biblical truths about Jesus (McCurry 1994:44)

Boshoff is assuming first that those peoples currently under Islam even want "equality" between the sexes, and second that such equality is righteous even in Christianity. (Has he not read Ephesians?) Until and unless Boshoff figures out how women and men actually think, especially in the Near East, he is going nowhere.

As for pointing out Islamic violence: this is flawed too, given Just-War theory shared with Christianity, but here at least something useful may be salvaged from the wreck. The question isn't whether Muhammad was violent, or whether violence was justified against the Byzantines and Iranians. (Those two demonstrably figured it justified against one another.) The question is: whether Muhammad was right to justify it in the way he did (virgins in Paradise), whether Islam was better for the conquered peoples than what came before (it wasn't), ultimately whether Islam offers any truth beyond the sword.

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