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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bad nutrition, II

HR added this as her #3 to CBD's list:

People need fats and protein for their brains to develop as children and work properly as adults. Malnourished people are easier to control.

I've been wondering this myself.

Out on the "free" websites, the sites make their money by three means: hawking merchandise (this is what I do - ahem, House of War), begging for donations, and/or selling ad-space. Given the Left's lock on the Googlespace and on academia... that means, when you go to Weather Underground or Astronomy Today, you're getting the Left's ad-space.

Let's just say that I saw a lot of pro-Obama and anti-Romney ads in 2012. (Maybe the anti-Romney ads had an effect, given how I voted that year.) There's also this obnoxious and ongoing campaign by LowerMahBillzYo, which I never click, but whose adspaces always have some flashing GIF and "Obama Tells Single Moms To Go Back To School" and other taglines of the free-shit vein.

Anyway lately I've been noting ads for "nutrition", claiming that there are five foods never to eat. Even more lately they've been fingering the humble banana.

This is a transparent lie, that bananas are bad for you; they are famously high in potassium, and their caloric content isn't any worse than are those of other fruits. It could be a plea for a clickover to sign up for something...

... and maybe all those "Obama Gives Free Stuff!" ads are just pleas for clickovers to sign up for something else. Maybe. I think . . . Something Else Is At Work.

Certain powers-that-be don't want borderline personalities to eat bananas; just like they wanted the same people (reading the same sites) to think of Obama as their divine sun-god delivering bounty. And like they want these people not to be driving their own cars from place to place; or to be consuming electricity or, ultimately, air. These proles are cancer-cells, after all.

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