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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Upload #93: Most do not know

I cannot say I am done with "The Sura Against Jihad", nor with "the Iconoclast". We are here involved mainly with the parallels to Q. 27:59-61. I think we've got 27 (> 31) > 29; and 27 > 21. Mind you, we already had 27 > 28 > 29. Again, sura 29 is very late and didn't like sura 27 much. Again, I'm loading up sura 21's predecessor-suras although still not enough to push that one back to the Iconoclasm watermark.

This time, we also have 27 > 39 (> 16). This has entailed dusting off "Interceding with God" for the first time in almost two years. Sura 39 was shy about using suras other than 6, 10, and 30; so I am very glad to have this.

As side effects, you'll see we've constrained suras 16 and 31 (which suras I'd been avoiding). At the very least, it's nice for House of War (all about the pre sura 27 suras) that we don't need to cite 'em.


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