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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Upload #92: Abraham

I have been looking into the life of Abraham. As the Qur'an portrays said life, of course.

Yesterday afternoon I'd found a 57>29 link; so I have stuck this into "The Sura Against Jihad". I must admit up-front that this link doesn't affect much of what I've done here. I'd already thought ("Monks, Muslims") that sura 57 was of al-Walîd I; and the essay just mentioned had already proposed that sura 29 is very late - as in (anti)Hishâm.

Later that evening, I also found a 37>21 link; and today I've found a 26>21 as well. These links now reside in "The Iconoclast". Here, the constraints are more useful (and more of a personal relief). In an earlier post I'd had to pull sura 21 back across entire caliphates. So... perhaps we need not do this across ALL of the caliphates.

I would appreciate, for more of my essays, to have true historical confirmation; al-Farazdaq the poet offered just such confirmation, however unwelcome, for sura 21. For these links today posted, I have settled for non-contradiction. At least not being wrong is something.

Last comment: a few days back, I snuck in another revision for House of War. This was done to add another al-Farazdaq comment, which I'd translated here; and incidentally to correct a facepalm-worthy longstanding screwup in the footnote-enumerations. I'd not sold many copies of the Third Edition; so I had that (selfish) reason for getting a better Third Edition out there.


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