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Monday, May 26, 2014

The next meaningful election will be in 2020

Via Instapundit: the electorate is shifting middleward.

I'd add that it started in 2012, maybe even 2010. Romney / Ryan's close showing, along with the drubbing the Huckabee candidates got (both bad and good; Akin and Mourdock), were key. And the Senate races in 2010 had turned against not just Christian weirdos like O'Donnell, but Tea-Party darlings like Buck and Angle as well.

This means that the next few elections will run on technocracy. The winning candidates won't be asking us to think about what it means to be American; they will have promised to run best the Executive, along the lines their predecessors have already set out. By then those predecessors, those true Founding Fathers, will include Obama.

Because, and I repeat myself, Howard Dean is right. Obama did run an election based on what it means to be American - in 2012 - and Obama won. That means Obamacare won. That means fascism won. For the Right to win in the near future means they will have to present themselves - as Sen. Inhofe has already done - as the most trustworthy fascists.

In 2014, maybe the GOP will do well in the Senate. In 2016, maybe a Republican will hold the line and grab the Presidency. The winner of that race will have no mandate to change anything.

Look to 2020 before there comes a demand for "choice not echo", and (possibly) for a candidate who can provide one credibly.

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