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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


In Vox Day's opinion, Boko Haram is the West's fault. We weaponised the women of al-Islam, and al-Islam fought back. (Anyone else watch Butterfly Effect? Look what you made me do! . . . Okay, perhaps I am in a minority here.)

I get that Theodore Beale is no fan of "ignorant half savages". Suppose we concede that. (Disclosure... sidebar. AmRen.) If we concede a bias against half savages - why make excuses for total savages, and savages who have "books are haram!" on their banner at that?

APPENDIX: Neither of us have been offering a solution, and it is not helpful to either of our causes to backbite one another - since we are both, ultimately, on the Dark Enlightenment Right. So: here is my ideal, based on the ideal of ancient Sparta. You will find similar sentiments on this site back to its first year.

I believe that women should be educated (real education, not "assertiveness" anti-male propaganda) - and that they should receive physical training such as to fight off the advances of inferior men (and to retain the strength necessary to bring a child to term). I ultimately believe that this would be good for humanity as a whole.

If Nigerians stumble onto this Spartan ideal themselves, wipe out Boko Haram and become the powerhouse of future generations on Earth and beyond - all I'll say in response is, well done. Shame on white people for not learning from our own history.

Either way, we who count ourselves civilised should at least wish the "half civilised" Nigerians well as they struggle to save their country from those who are not even half that.

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