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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Right-liberal hacks

Today I ran across an absurd article at ZombieTime. If this is the worst that can be said against Margaret Sanger, then perhaps I should consider a donation to Planned Parenthood. (Earlier House of David blog-comment here.) The overall point is that Sanger and her organisation were and are eugenic fronts, and racist, and possibly genocidal so OMGNAZIES! VOTE REPUBLICAN NAO.

Having got that out of our system, here are the facts: Sanger did have a problem with the underclass - mostly the white underclass, as it happens - which she termed "human waste". She also observed that the black population, "African Negro" as the term went, had an underclass of its own, a very sizable one. In ZT's conclusion, we learn Sanger had a preference for old-school WASP dominance; since she was a WASP herself, and - in a democracy - she didn't trust a non-WASP electorate to vote according to her interests. So there are multiple angles here: the desire for a better class of person, the (empirical!) prejudice against the non-white population(s), and - Sanger's subjectivity again - the desire for good government, or at least for Sanger-friendly government. It's all jumbled up here.

But... the comments Sanger made about the black population, in particular, are not controversial to anyone interested in crime-rates and IQ. Even besides that we might contrast, race-neutrally, her observations on the breeding-patterns of "the feebleminded" against our modern research into K selection versus r selection. Such comments further illustrate what Sanger knew at that time from her academic friends: WEB DuBois on Philadelphia. (DuBois was part black by the way.) Despite all of this being eminently relevant to ZombieTime's thesis, s/he didn't link to any of that. S/he left it to the audience, an audience who'd take ZT at ZT's word that Sanger was just evil.

I am reminded of the anti-Shia tracts I've read from the Saudi publishing houses. They, too, quote the source material, alongside some snark; ignoring the context of the material (by "reading according to the Revelation", did they sometimes just mean "commentary"? might certain of the other alternate readings even make more sense in their own context? EEK! - SHIITES ARE TEH EVILZ). I can only conclude that ZombieTime isn't in it to elucidate the true and the good; ZombieTime is in it for propaganda.

Some other arguments against Sanger's work were made here today; this is actually how I'd found out about the ZT post. Most of these arguments (not all - but, I'm getting to that) were even worse - including WD's top post, which was just a slander, so is why I'm focusing on ZT instead.

I am not here arguing overall that Sanger was right (much of it is her personal preference after all), nor that the Right should necessarily adopt her doctrines. The collected works of CS Lewis and (more implicitly) JRR Tolkien argued that the eugenic project up to the 1940s was evil and unethical. An even better case can made against abortion as a means to eugenics. And to be fair at least to the HQ, several arguments to the effect of both were raised in those comments. The one argument I didn't see raised was the Dark-Enlightenment riposte: "why not let at least Yiddish speakers and Chinese come here en masse and breed, but just don't let them vote?". Perhaps I'd at least have avoided the "troll" tag if I'd done that.

All this is by the way - because Lewis and Tolkien aren't top-posting at ZombieTime and Ace's HQ, and neither is "Moldbug" Yarvin. ZT and AOSHQ as blogs play in the political arena, and that means rallying behind Conservatives. The most trafficked Conservatives, as you can see here, are too busy screaming RAAAAACIST and crying "gotcha!".

And this is why Conservatism isn't going to spread outside Conservative circles. Maybe most people anymore can't see a substandard and disingenuous argument when one shows up (a sad effect both of poor education and of, er, dysgenics). But what smart people survive around here can, for their part, tell where some blogger is just pandering; and they are not going to join the Conservatives, as long as the latters' most respected bloggers are posting comments like these.

The alternative is that ZT and the HQ crew are sincere in seeing Sanger as an evil to be ended. In this case, I can only thank my lucky stars that I discovered the D-E because the Conservative position of democracy-plus-dysgenics is exactly the Left's long-term position and therefore, for the Right, suicidal.

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