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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Positional good

Ace discovered the concept of Positional Good; and, caring not for his position, was good enough to share it with his readers.

Our host had related this to the American Left. Mine own most intimate relation, going by sock of "boulder toilet hobo", related it to Boko Haram (Pixy will eventually fix the # tags... give it a couple of weeks). The Hobo and I have some perspective on the concept.

'Tis not enow to be an Algerian nationalist; thou hast to be a true Algerian and that means being an Arab. It's not enough to be an Arab; you have to be a true Arab and that means a Muslim. It's not enough to be a Muslim; you have to be a true Muslim and that means Front Islamique du Salut. It's not enough to be FIS...

... and, before anyone over there knew it, their whole neighbourhoods were being slaughtered or their nice little Berber villages were being driven off their land. Because TAKFIR!

And this brings up another point. Where true achievement is not being rewarded, and pleasing one's master is rewarded: here is a positional good. After all, only one person may please his master best. But if the master himself has grounded his rule upon his own position of being the Best - according to tenets of some faith - then that allows others to claim that in that faith they are even stronger.

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