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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Englander gets it

Howard Dean: if you're not a Leftist, you're not a patriot.

This man is a true Yankee; so Yankee, he was elected governor of Vermont. The American Revolution was a Yankee revolt first. So when he speaks on the subject of what it truly means to support the founding of the United States - he should be taken seriously.

And, in fact. . .

All this brings us to why the "overton window" keeps shifting Left. It's not just that Left is entropy and that entropy is easier. It's also that America was founded by Whigs. Insofar as the first Whig was the Devil, the Ayatollah was right that America is the Great Satan.

May a Nazgûl fight the Dark Tower? Perhaps if he promised to better organise the Orkish armies, and to make his most strenuous objections known to his unholy Master; only then would he be worthy of our vote. Failing that, I suppose we'll settle for John McCain.

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