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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Eric Holder has a proposal: bracelet keys for firearms. Holder's thought-balloon here seems like it could end up law before you know it.

What follows is no original insight of mine own. A few months ago I read something from an Ace HQ's "moron" on how "voluntary" liberal programs become law, or at least become custom. So what follows is - I'm going mainly by memory here - how it will happen.

The first stage - after the suggestion is made - is for the local Left to implement it, somewhere. This is couched in buzzwords: voluntary, local, grass-roots, blah blah blah. The grass-roots would be a large assortment of volunteer organisations, which all seem to have the same people on staff. Some will be obvious, like public-sector unions; some will be mainline or left-Protestant churches and reformish synagogues; others will be names you haven't heard of - "Mothers For Fluffy Puppies", say; more will be avowed moderates who always happen to go against Right extremism - "Coffee Party".

The program then gets implemented; partially, in the most Left region possible. The program usually "works": partly because the Leftists follow along, partly because of "incentives" - which means everyone else is taxed more to fund this Leftist whim. More citizens are browbeat into the program. Later the resisters are simply fined and otherwise punished.

The program becomes State law; the program crosses into other States, and then it becomes just the rednecks who resist it, and the Feds do the rest.

So, if you was wonderin' about how Earth Day became more important than Memorial Day at your office, well- there ya go. The weed-roots. It's a pretty well-proven strategy; I can't see it going away.

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