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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upload #91: the guys get shirts

An earlier version of "The Iconoclast" had this: Skipping ahead, Q. 21:80 implies that God had taught David the making of coats (labûs), that is of armour. In Q. 34:10-1, God made iron malleable, and by it instructs David: make armour (sâbighât) and determine the links (al-sard).

I never liked this pericope. I couldn't see where one sura even paralleled the other, let alone establish a chain of dependence. We had 34>21 from other parallels but still.

But over the past eight months or so I've been reading Arabic poetry - and, over the past weeks, in English translation (not just French or German). Ka`b bin Zuhayr's ode to the Prophet is found here. Three other, more secular, poems are to be had in the Mufaddalat: Arabic, English.

So, I have deleted that paragraph, and uploaded something new: "Shirts of David's Weaving". This addresses that little problem. It also has the strange effect of supporting the authenticity of Ka`b bin Zuhayr, or at least of his poem - which does seem to be very early. As a whole it belongs with The Arabs and Their Qur'an, I think.

UPDATE 6:45 PM: I felt guilty for not translating some new poetry into English, and I'm sitting on a bunch of Umayya bin Abi'l-Salt from earlier ... so, I've added some lines he wrote on the topic of David. They turn out to be pretty damn unhelpful. But, well, at least they're there.

Also, another new one: "Save Me From Heaven". This is al-Farazdaq begging before the governor of Madina 50/670 would he PLEASE let him go, to allow him back to Iraq? (Spoiler: the answer was no.) I realised, last week; that this address had made much reference to the Qur'an, and to Islamic piety (as it then was).


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