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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Bundy Ranch, as (not) viewed from the Right

Twitchy was on it. The Blogmocracy was on it (via DorianGrey and as a sidenote). Drudge and InfoWars were on it. And the commenters in several sites spotted 'round the 'web - they were on it. I haven't checked the Sipsey Street lads, but I'll hazard a guess they were on it too.

But the mainstream Right wasn't on it. I don't see anything at, say, Instapundit as of 10 April to now. Very few Right politicians dealt with it. I didn't touch it either.

For my part, I was cautious and, I'll admit, a little afraid. As mentioned, I think Sipsey-style bloggers are a little... excitable. Also in this narrow case I wasn't entirely sure who were the good guys. And a part of me even worried that the Feds might shoot up the protesters; they've certainly been running a decades-long dehumanisation campaign against that sort of Conservative. I need hardly mention that such a crackdown would have long-reaching effects throughout the body politic.

Now that we know the ranchers are in the right, and now that we've seen the Great Blinking of the bureaucratic machine of DC - I'm going to sound the all-clear. Y'all come out, now!

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