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Friday, April 04, 2014

Poseidon's tempest

The High Chronology has a boost: The Ahmose ‘Tempest Stela’, Thera and Comparative Chronology. Add to this, Baldi's musings on the Red Sea Trough (h/t, circuitously,

Nothing new's been discovered. What has happened instead is that a few older documents have been retranslated and reassigned; the linked article mainly argues (in forceful language) for the retranslation. These revisions pull Pharaoh Ahmose back in time to the most commonly-accepted dating of Thera, which is 1628ish BC - at any rate, to not-very-long afterward.

I also note that the very high chronology, of 1645ish, is here excluded as well. If I recall, that date derived from volcanic tailings found in Greenland. This much turned out to be from Aniakchak and not Thera.

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