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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Minority leadership

At the company I'm now contracting with, I am on the email-distribution list for the entire company. That means I get the same emails employees get. I have learnt, from these emails, that the company I work at is - well, I don't want to use that commonly-used word, but if it's not that word then I'd love to know what word I should use instead.

This company discriminates against whites (and against men). It implements this policy, at minimum as I observe it, by offering incentives for "leadership" to which only "minorities" (and women) may apply. There is, ongoing, a "leadership award" for some lucky person of this privileged "minority" caste (there exists another award for women, but I am sub-alpha enough that I don't care much about that - last parenthesis, promise). Minority means non-white, in exactly the way gentile means non-Jew: all whites are guilty of the sins of some whites over here, as all Jews are guilty of the deicide which some Jews did over there.

Technically it is some insurance company which is sponsoring this "minority leadership" award; but, post-Obamacare, insurance companies are utilities and not real companies. They work as agents of the State. So what they do, they do because Obama wants them to do it. And what my employer allows to be done under its roof(s), it allows because it fears to cross Obama.

So anyway. I expect that some "minority" will win this award which was rigged on their behalf; like various white Sudafrikaners got to win various rugby trophies in South Africa where blacks weren't invited to compete. I also expect the company will send its email-list a happy-talk email, and that I'll have to read it: "join me in congratulating [name redacted] in his/her achievement blah blah blah". I do hope that whoever "wins" this rigged contest refuses the award - but based on various election results I'm looking at, I am not holding my breath. Even if the winner - whoever it is - were a staunchly ethical person, refusing such an award would blackmark that person. ¡Plata o plomo!

Also, I just work there. I don't have a say in how the company chooses to run things; and that is how it should be. It would be improper for me to complain about such side-issues on company time. It would also be improper for me to name the company (firstly, you don't need to know; but mainly, it doesn't even matter, as it's probably no different from the place you work at). Except - I will note, here on my own time, as a contractor who does not report to its CEO, but has the CEO as a customer: if I am offered a permanent position under that CEO, I will refuse it, on ethical grounds.

But back to this anti-white farce. On the chance that the winner of same doesn't see it as such, and keeps the cash: then, no, I will not congratulate the winner; and if I am transferred under his(her) leadership, I won't even wait for The Talk.

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