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Monday, April 28, 2014


Randall Munroe wrote a creepy XKCD comic recently. This is why it is creepy. (h/t, an isnad from Maet @ Ace, `an this guy who I hadn't heard of.)

I am glad that someone finally said it, that if there are calls to "boycott" - to run someone off his livelihood, and for whatever reason - that this is a call to the judgement of the mob. I mean, it's been said before. But not to Munroe's face.

But, really, Munroe has always been a creep. He showed his hand in 2008 when he endorsed Obama, the caliph of Sunni liberalism. I knew that this was coming. (Hey, Munroe wants to judge people based on what they did in 2008; we are in total agreement on the rules.)

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