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Monday, April 07, 2014

If past is prologue

What invariably occurs in liberal tyrannies, like the United States, is chaos. Many rival tyrants will promise to stem the chaos. The first tyrant who's good at tyranting will set out to hunt pedobears, to burn the gay bars, and generally to order up new padlocks for the closet.

These measures tend to be greeted with great applause by the people. Because the people understand sex as chaos, they want order, and they want a symbolic gesture that order will be restored. Homosexuals are an easy target, especially males.

And, yes, by the way, I did intend that link to the Castro brothers. I don't know if our first unelected tyrant will be a Castro, a Hitler or a Pinochet. I just know what he'll do. And I'll know why he did it.

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