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Monday, April 28, 2014

Enough rope

We now know that John Kerry is even less responsible and even more against the Good than is Barack Obama. I wonder if some of us knew back in 2004.

And I wonder if some of those "some" had the ability to do something about it.

AD 2004 was an election year in the 'States; the then-opposition party, the Democrats, chose this man to lead us. Certain people, mainly veterans of the "swift-boat" crews contemporaneous with his service, then let out certain facts. By our codes of military justice, Kerry's misdeeds in Vietnam should have got him hanged. Fortunately for him, in 1972 Watergate happened; the then-President's followup, and disgrace, commenced a six-year nightmare that the Right historian Paul Johnson (in a moment of lucidity) labelled "a national suicide attempt". So, Kerry lucked into not getting his due, and gained Congressional Immunity instead.

Back to 2004, I'll never forget the Presidential debates; in which Kerry called our national security priority, "nuclear non-proliferation", and suggested a "global test" for our foreign affairs. I saw his position at the time as a brief for surrender. And more recently I have been reminded that Kerry has no interest in doing much to prevent the Shi'ite Empire from gaining nuclear weapons. So I was right at the time, and Kerry was cynical, and his voters were either equally cynical or just stupid.

Still. Kerry came close. There was, you see, a worldwide wave of anger against George Bush and his administration, mainly surrounding those wars we were fighting in. The Left over here shared in this anger. Some of it was "moonbats", yes. But not all of it. Not nearly all.

Somehow Kerry lost anyway. I am not entirely sure, now, that he should have lost. The exit-polls had Kerry walking away with Virginia among other states. But then the exit-polls were contradicted by the actual results. There were many comments at the time that We Wuz Robbed.

Well, perhaps the Dems wuz robbed.

Just four years later the electorate voted in an anti-white Marxist, qualified for no executive position, who rules over us to this day. This means the electorate either got stupider in just four years...

... or else the electorate honestly did make the same mistake in 2004, and had it corrected by Powers That Be.

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