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Saturday, April 12, 2014

China's weak vassal

The Feds use some dubious regulations and (allegedly) environmental jurisdiction to run a rancher off his land. A Tea-Party guy compares the standoff to Tiananmen. InfoWars posts about Harry Reid's sweet deal with China for this land. Feds back off. So, now there exists an outstanding order by an American court which cannot be enforced . . . which has some implications I'll get to, below.

I usually consider InfoWars and the Tea-Party to be, well, a little goofy. But one can't easily argue with internal-consistency, and one really cannot argue with empirical results.

Maybe China should call in their agent Harry Reid and fire him. Or at least demote him within the Communist Party ranks.

ALSO: Last year some district-attorneys were murdered in Texas. These crimes were at first blamed on OMGNAZIES!! A prosecutor publicly tucked tail and ran, begging for mercy. It turned out the murder was completely unrelated to anything to do with OMGNAZIES' activities.

So, the Feds are hypocritical, venal, lawless, malicious, anti-white, anti-Christian, and beholden to foreign powers - we knew all that. What happens when word gets around that the Feds are, also, incompetent and cowardly? If it smells like weakness to me, what does it smell like to the Aryan Nation?

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