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Monday, April 07, 2014

Bye bye Firefox

And I won't make the mistake of Lot's wife.

I was more disappointed with okCupid (disclosure: I was on that site myself for some years). OkC'd made their name in the alt-right by datamining without regard for PC. I'd thought they just didn't care about all this neo-puritan humbug.

Well, that's their choice. The clientele skewed waaaay Left; by my last few years I'd just given up and played the troll. (I'm probably most proud of introducing the masses to Don Colacho.) Ironically I got more female attention then... but, well.

As for the replacement browser: I figure that my blog's on Google, and I use Youtube a lot, so I can't exactly make my situation any worse by using Chrome. Until something better comes along.

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