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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breivik II

Another jerk, another bunch of kids.

Over the past week, by the way, we've seen the difference between Right activism that gets results and Right activism that doesn't. [Aside: I'm in no mood to debate what "Right" means in this context.] Right activism that works makes Rightists want to join your cause. Right activism like, I dunno, shooting children - even if they're leftists-in-training - this makes Rightists not want anything to do with you.

It also gives the Left something else to talk about this week, when we could have been discussing the ranch issue.

And this makes me wonder if someone put the jerk up to it. Per Crotchety Jar Head @ Ace: if he was convicted of weapons charges, where'd he get all that firepower? And I'll go further. Note Professor Embree in the first linked article, who invited the clown into his classroom three years ago, to do his little minstrel-show for the students. Why'd Embree put him on, and not - say - Karl Boetel of then-Unamusement Park?

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