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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bickerin' over 'oo cited 'oo

If the poet is making a point of finding his example in The Book Of Gawd: then I'll accept that his example is, in fact, from The Book Of Gawd. For instance: if al-Farazdaq (706) was citing the qurra by name, and paralleling sura 21; then I'll concede that in 706 he was quoting sura 21.

If the poem depends upon doctrines found in what we're now calling The Book Of Gawd: then I will accept the first reference in all the chains of dependence I can find. Basically, the doctrines have to start somewhere. For instance: Ka`b on sura 10; al-Farazdaq (670) on suras 13 and 34.

But bare textual parallels? Nope. Sorry. In my view, those can go either way. So I simply cannot accept, barring additional evidence, that al-Farazdaq in 670 had access to suras 21, 22, and 38.

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