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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Criterion

It is Christianity's notion that Christians go to Heaven and the rest of us don't. This faith offers various longwinded explanations as to how this is just, mostly involving Original Sin and stuff like that. But ultimately Christianity's criterion for letting people into His Grace is simply "choosing the right mythology". So let us consider how Divine justice might work upon the Christian.

When the Christian - Jack Chick, in this example - is admitted before that White Throne in those tracts, God's first question will be: why should I let you through?

The Christian must answer: because I chose Christianity (I have been bathed in the blood of the Lamb! if they are being theatrical; I have accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour, if less emo).

God will then ask: what fate did you expect of those who chose otherwise?

The Christian must then cite the Scriptures which detailed that.

God might switch to the analogy with a game of chance. Sometimes people pull the wrong card. Sometimes such people have indications, that this card shouldn't be pulled. The mathematician among them might consider the other cards played during the game; onlookers who've followed the naysayer's logic might warn against pulling the card in question. Either way, God will ask: is it just to penalise the player who pulls it?

The Christian will enthusiastically agree: that is just. The player chooses, he faces a reckoning. The card is pulled.

God will then bear witness that the Christian has chosen the game to be played, and has chosen the cards he wanted played in it.

*pop* goes the trapdoor.

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