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Monday, March 31, 2014

SG-1 again

Tonight, I have plown through two more Stargate season-five eps. These two are here to develop themes from earlier seasons. They are intriguingly anti-Progressive. Quality-wise... well. Read on.

First is Between Two Fires. This focuses upon the advanced Tollan race, who previously had refused to share their tech with Earth. We learn that the Tollan have biometrics and GPS attached to all their citizens, "to help". Turns out the Tollan have their own internal politics; and if someone falls out of favour, interested parties find ways for the tech not to help. The themes aren't explicitly developed but hey.

2001 is, as promised, the Aschèn sequel (to the previous season's 2010). This ep turns out to be the best of the season so far, by far. Here, our intrepid crew have run across a borderland planet over which the Aschen have long ago assumed their benevolent patronage. There's more to it than that of course. This planet wasn't always a backwater. It used to be an analogue to modern Western Europe, in which the influenza pandemic struck before the First World War. The Aschen had conveniently showed up and then cured the pandemic... with a vaccine... that did the 2010 sterility thing. This time, though, Earth has the advance warning from the 2010 episode. So we avoid the fate of that world and of the alternate future of this one.

Unfortunately Senator Kinsey made his appearance in the latter, doing his Kai Wynn thing, getting everything wrong and evil because that's just what politicians do, especially when they are white and old and Southern-ish. Here Kinsey supports the Aschen; despite that the Aschen are inherently a Left enemy. Know ye this: when I give the finger to the television screen on a Kinsey appearance, I give the finger not to him and not to his character, but to the wankers who wrote the character that way.

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