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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jack Chick was right

This isn't the first time... but anyway.

Back when I was reading biblical scholarship (rather than Qur'anic), I'd always assumed that the Sodom / Lot tale was just a cheap knockoff of the Gibeah horror story in "Judges". And, like every other secularist (which I still am), I got a good laugh out of Jack Chick's "Doom Town". In 2002 I was linking Jack Chick basically just for trollery - and you'll note that was the only time.

Over the past few years I've had to accept that the author of Genesis, and Jack Chick, had a point. It was this case which clued me in. Whatever the result of the eventual court-case, this is immaterial - it's the act of taking the case to court, of calling in the full force of the US Government, which I care about here. And I care about the mindset of such people as would take this to court.

Homosexuals cannot accept their state in life. If they even believed they were equal to heterosexuals, then when faced with something they disagreed with, they'd just shrug and move on. But they don't think they're equal, and they never will, because they can't, because they aren't. They might have temporal power, for the moment... so, while they have it, they assert their power. "Bring out your guests that we may know them."

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