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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Head tilt

Let us have charter schools, to confront the soft bigotry of low expectations, and to give our children the chances their parents never had! (Oops, I forgot, they're "our" children, I should say "we".) So when the children take those chances, I see they learn more about working the levers of politics than about working the levers of a space-shuttle. (The photo is wonderful; like something out of North Korea, but diverse.)

It's racist to restrict gun rights; it's racist to do anything much Progressive. Racist, racist, racist! Never mind that the racists might actually, um, have a point on firearm accessibility; where the population in question is almost of one political mind, has reason to resent each other and outsiders, and is famed for its high time-preference.

See, I expect from the Left to be browbeaten about race. But when it comes from the putative Right...

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