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Monday, March 17, 2014


Tyson lied. Ratings died.

Moving on to opinion: I've noticed quite a few magazine-covers about Tyson as "master of the universe", really pushing the new "Cosmos" as a generational milestone. This is, we now know, not because those involved are watching this tripe themselves.

If nothing else, for FSM's sake, it's on Fox. (Eww!) The Cosmos boosters just wanted the rubes to watch it. And they don't like that the rubes ain't watchin' this neither.

Salon chose not to link to what I linked to. It was easier for them to link to Christian complaints. Salon claim it's because Christians want to start imprisoning and executing heretics again (NTTIAWWT. I am surprised that Salon didn't link to this piece which made the case). I'd also guess Salon're less smug about global-warming deniers. Just a hunch.

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