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Monday, March 17, 2014


Back in '04 (I am told) I bought some Stargate SG-1 dvd's - I stopped at the fourth season. In 2006 I watched them all again. When I moved I sold them off (except, by accident, the second season). Now I've found them all used at a "watch-once" price. I acquired the fifth season. The episodes I've seen thus far belong to the early part of 2001; still before 9/11.

At the start, T'ealc the old soldier of Apophis has been recaptured by his former master. In the next episodes, the SG-1 team re-recaptures him and convinces him that Apophis is not a god.

The SG-1 get through to T'ealc by deprivation, and calm reasoning: the Cheney way of torture. I was reminded of the inquisition-scene in The Message, where they tortured the first Islamic shahîd. And of every Christian martyr/passion-narrative ever. Except, in this episode, the persecutors are the good guys.

In popular culture before we were I-R-L attacked by brainwashed goons, it was widely accepted that the most merciful response to goonery was to deprogram the goons. That was when we were allowed to rate an enemy's religion as "false". Deep down we in the West thought that in this end of history, the principal goon religion would be Christianity; maybe the odd Communist, or Palestinian. When we found that our goon-iest threat was Islam . . .

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