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Saturday, February 08, 2014

What kind of Nazi am I? (what kind are you?)

The classic Harper's article Who Goes Nazi? (Dorothy Thompson) has been making the rounds. Isaiah Berlin later exclaimed this is the most vicious game a Briton can play; but then Thompson was American, so is to be given a pass.

It is interesting (for Harper's) in that it doesn't hit just the Right for Nazism; one of the worst men tagged as going-Nazi is a union agitator. Harper's was then perhaps more classically liberal then than it is today. That is probably why the Right side of the 'sphere has been booting it around (it's a mainstay at Ace's HQ and American Thinker; also here).

I have already gone Nazi - Charles Johnson gave me the opportunity to purge the LGF community's enemies in return for "updings", and I took it. I get to live with that knowledge. I don't get to deny it. Given that I don't much like being a Nazi, what's left is to go through Thompson's list and figure out why I went Nazi. Maybe then I won't go Nazi again for real.

I got as far as Mr. C and there I found my avatar. Mr. C is a misanthrope. He has been shut outside every group he's wanted to join, unless some of its members needed something he had and then only as long as they needed it. Mr. C's antiSemitism is just an animosity he's latched onto; it's not his core, he doesn't have to be an antiSemite, he could be anti-anything - starting with his "white trash" cousins. Otherwise I can't argue with Mrs. T's conclusion.

But the article has more letters of the alphabet to go through. So I shall keep eavesdropping on Mrs. T's conversations and see if we can agree upon her other little Eichmanns.

Mr. G, says Mrs. T, would be a Nazi with purse-lipped qualifications. He would certainly be purged. I am not so sure he'd be a Nazi in the first place. And neither is Mrs. T: she has to talk herself into it. But Mrs. T eventually does talk herself into it, by asserting that Mr. G would talk himself into it. 'Tis clear she doesn't like Mr. G; she wants Mr. G to be a Nazi. Why doesn't she like Mr. G? She's probably just bored with him. She's female. She likes her men to be constant, at least if she suspects that she's to meet them twice; and Mr. G's never been constant.

Now I am curious about Mrs. T. She is not the hostess of the party. She is floating from here to there about the room, not saying much in public, observing the other guests. Sometimes she grins bitterly to [her]self as she looks into the guests - the German guest Mr. I, and also Mr. G. She is a good judge of character, if not as good as she thinks she is. She keeps tabs upon who are the users and who the used. She prefers a social-circle pure of heart, but more so she enjoys keeping it pure of heart. She takes a keen interest in the "invitations" phase of party planning; if she invites a Mr. C - and on occasion she would - it is because she has a use for him. The Nazis would find a use for Mrs. T as well, but they might have to call themselves anti-Nazis first.

Mrs. T's little drinkin' game sounds like great fun. In a former life I'd be happy to accept her RSVP. But I think I prefer my Nazis more honest.

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