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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Upload #89: corrections to the text

As the reader will note, I have been trying to understand the Shi`ite relationship to the Qur'anic text lately.

It starts with Sayyari's book, Revelation and Falsification. I found worthy of note the flag Sayyari threw against Q. 61:8-9. In the modern Qur'an, God sent "whom He sent (rasulihi)" - redundant, but arguably in tune with the Semitic love of parallelism and it also happens to agree with sura 9. Sayyari tells me of an alternative, "His servant (abdihi)". The latter is more in-tune with sura 25.

I'm arguing that "abdihi" is a better reading for what sura 61 meant at the time; sura 61 was saj` and as such had no interest in poetry. The canonical sura 61, then, has been pulled toward the Umayyad coinage and sura 9.

I also think I've found some ~75AH apocalyptic propaganda around the Byzantine campaign (although not directly related to this sura, or others). So, "In Ranks" has changed.

I've also re-read Hussain Modarressi's classic 1993 article on the Shi`a versus tahrif. This directed me to the Kitab Sulaym. Sulaym affects suras 24 ("Focus") and - alongside Sayyari - 33 ("Women"). Further Modarressi pointed to that old Kharijite complaint against sura 12 ("Retrieval of Joseph").

And while I was looking into "In Ranks", that got me into the Syriac and Greek sources, and that forced some additional corrections to "Caesarea" and "Logothete".


UPDATE 3/2: Yeah, when a lot of essays change at once to this extent, some stuff will inevitably get underexplained. Fixing this blogpost, also, showed me where I could improve "In Ranks" some more.

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