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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Some cogent critiques of Brill's Encyclopaedia

All that said about Muzaffar Iqbal's main critique against Brill's Encyclopaedia of Islam, he does offer some valid critiques on the side. He's best when highlighting what the Encyclopaedia didn't say.

I am not sure there should be whole chapters to the bee or the ant (or the spider). Suras are named for them, sure. But they're not very important suras.

We can however conceive some chapters of interest to the "Orientalist". The hoopoe might deserve a comment due to its connexion to para-Biblical midrash. The grape has a still higher claim, for its links to Paradise (even if we're only here to refute Luxenberg et al.). And tawhid absolutely deserves one, as the core message of the Dome of the Rock (for starters); as well has having links to Judaism, Jewish-Christianity, and (if Ohlig is right) Syrian Christianity.

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