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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Rice University supports Israel

So, I got this in the mail. And this. From the latter, I note it's not only Israel my alma mater supports:

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the presidents of more than 80 American colleges have condemned the boycott as an assault on the free exchange of ideas. The website Legal Insurrection has published a list of universities opposed to the boycott at

One learns to read between the lines. For instance: this statement by Leebron is, on its face, humbug:

Rice University highly values the free exchange of ideas and points of view, and we fully support the statement of the Association of American Universities, of which Rice is a member, . . . The open exchange of ideas, especially those with which we may disagree, is essential to an academic institution and the learning experience.

What puts teeth into this, is the link to Legal Insurrection. That blog isn't one I've linked to much, so far; but it's been on my radar for many years as a non-PC right-wing(ish) outfit.

True, everything these two admins've said that I've noted here, including that link to a blacklisted site, is just so much wind. Rice still offers a "policy studies" major and pays (off) any number of other tenured bullshit-artists on faculty. And then there are the other administrators. We'll see what Leebron does in future.

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