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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Penguin Books' ostrich imprint

Penguin has just bent over to please radical Hindus: Wendy Doniger's The Hindus: An Alternative History has been pulped. (Some authors ain't havin' it, to their credit.)

But are we really surprised? Penguin Books also flog these fatuous little booklets, "Penguin Great Ideas". These would mostly be Left great ideas: Thomas Paine, JJ Rousseau, and of course Karl Marx. Not featured: Thomas Carlyle, Henry Maine, Konstantin Pobyedonostseff, or, hell, even CS Lewis or Rudyard Kipling.

We'll keep this in mind next time Penguin pokes itself into a "banned books week". Usually this is a time when booksellers, authors, and publishers get together in a big Kumbaya circle to tell each other how brave they are.

As an appendix, this seems to support what Vox Day keeps babbling about with respect to The Doom That Cometh For Traditional Publishers. Penguin's niche will have to be middle-of-the-socialist-road dreck that only government schools buy in bulk. Online shopping, and on-demand outfits like Kitab Bhavan, will carry the books Penguin won't. The Hindutva thugs and Islamists won't be able to touch them.

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