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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Jesuitical Kulturkampf

Pardon my German, but I see no other way around this. (h/t, Blogmocracy.)

I am not here to dispute the tenets in question. I actually agree that most of the fifteen "lies" listed are lies, especially the ninth. I don't agree over the seventh (which contradicts the fourth and the ninth anyway) nor over the twelfth. But most of that is handled in my Blogmocracy comment.

I am here to dispute the tone. A reasonable person, looking at the tenets objectively, can dispute at least two of them. In the mindset of the article, more Zoroastrian than Christian, one who does so isn't just wrong, he follows the druj. The article isn't arguing a point (or points).

The article is erecting a Pale: reject all these "lies", or You're Not One Of Us. Inasmuch as it holds the contrary truths as universal, it asserts world supremacy.

The world it wants is a Christian world. It encompasses all forms of government save the Islamic and liberal forms. It even encompasses denominations of Christianity and scientific freedom (which is interesting): Protestantism and evolution are not among the "lies" (although the Orthodox must duck a rock shied at the "Byzantines"). Judaism, naturally, must be off to the ghetto again (at best). We'll not discuss the atheists.

As a reactionary myself, I bear some sympathy with the cause. I am reminded of Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev. But at least Pobedonostsev argued the case.

Anyway it does seem that where Pobedonostsev stated that Orthodox / Catholic Christianity was incompatible with, well, anything else, and with Jews and atheists in particular he was probably right. Christians who (truly) believe "that Jesus was who He said He was" don't seem able to accept a rival opinion.

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