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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cathedral satire

Scott "Dilbert" Adams (no link) figured he'd make Asok The Intern gay-for-a-day to make a point about a law in India. Google, around the same time (again, no link), put up an Olympic logo in the rainbow-colours.

So brave and daring to say politically-charged opinions ... that the American cultural-elite believes already! How subversive. I guess that explains why no-one's even heard of Solzhenitsyn or Sakharov, but Krokodil is the talk of the town! Everyone's read Alvarus Pelagius but no-one has read Dante. (Okay I might be confused. Not, however, as confused as are the homosexuals, trannies and other perverts.)

"Subversion", in the minds of the critics, means to subvert institutional rivals to the State. Subverting the State is racist. And homophobic. Whatever any of that means, it's heretical. It's only real subversion if it's against our enemies!

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