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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Because you are lukewarm I spit you out

Last decade the European publisher Brill published a colossal "Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an". In response the "Muslim World Book Review" in 2009 published Western Academia and the Quran: Some Enduring Prejudices. Now the piece is up on

I do not care for the Encyclopaedia's general editor Jane McAuliffe for other reasons. She is, however, at least willing to air the views of an Andrew Rippin or of other "revisionists" (many of whom I'd class as simple investigators but that is by the way). That very tolerance is the reviewer's problem.

Being willing to air such views is to say, a priori, that the Qur'an might not be of Divine origin. An honest researcher then has to start by saying the Qur'an isn't divine, until the otherwise is proven. This suspension of belief offends the eyes of the believer; and, in this modern age, such a Believer retaliates by slapping the label "prejudice!" upon it. (The same attitude has held in the West amongst Christians, at least up to the mid 2000s.)

The reviewer also calls the Encyclopaedia an "Orientalist" work, and implies it lacks any "degree of respect" for the faith.

I wonder if Professor McAuliffe will apologise for causing such disrespect to Muslims in so prejudicial a manner. It's just a concern many Muslims and others of a more tolerant sort might have.

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