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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Upload #88: detheophiliated

I've finished my wade through Conterno's review. As promised I have re-written "The Sinners at Caesarea" - at least, everything to do with the Christian sources. Last year's version was a riff on Hoyland; this year's version, more on Conterno.

The main arguments still stand: that the chronicles of Agapius and Theophanes have used a common Syrian source (whether or not we assume "The Common Syrian Source"), and that this source has altered a *730 chronicle in accordance with Byzantine propaganda.

The difference is that I don't assume up front, anymore, that this source was Theophilus. Instead this question is explicitly raised in an excursus toward the end. There, I say that this "anonymous" historian of the pericope may as well have been Theophilus. So instead of assuming Hoyland's work as before, I am now tentatively buttressing it.


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