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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Ohlig books forthcoming

It turns out that the two Ohlig books I bought (and 3/5'ed) are the first two translations into English of a series in German, currently numbering six. Their Inarah webpage is here. (h/t, Ulrich. I am beginning to feel like I should buy this man a pint.)

It would further appear that Ohlig and Inarah have posted entire essays in their German form upon that site. These are mostly the same essays which are in the books. The exception is Goldziher: mistakenly posted to Band 1 in the sidebar where he was, in fact, published in Band 2.

Speaking of the website's flaws, 'tis also lagging in its English (and French) translation - of itself. The dropdown of languages does nothing. However I happen to have here a Chrome browser, which does auto-translate. Maybe Inarah should fix their own site but, well...

Anyway their site is pretty sweet in terms of content, which is what matters. I am able to read (some of) the essays and to offer critiques upon them, before I get the official English translation. Who knows; maybe they'll even listen to some of my advice. (I shouldn't count on them agreeing to anything I say, but they might at least offer a counter-argument.)

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