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Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to read Cyrillic

I have not tried learning any Slavic tongue, and I probably won't in future. But, sometimes I run across something in Russian or Slavonic... and in those occasions...

If it makes sense in Late Antique Greek, go with that first: A, B (pr. V), Г (Gamma), Д (D), I, К, Л (L), O, P (Rho), T, Ф (Phi), X (Khi). Also C means S in the Coptic script.

If it makes sort-of sense in Latin, try that as a fallback: Б (pr. B).

И (ee!) and H (N) work out if you tilt your head a bit. And З means Z. (Don't know why.)

There's an Aramaic couplet Ш and Щ, both in the Shhh family. The Greeks remembered that from the Phoenicians. (That Saint Cyril was a smart guy.)

Most of the rest are variations on Dzh. I've never seen so many ways of doing a voiced aspirated dental as when I saw the Cyrillic alphabet.

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