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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blogroll update

Islam Versus Europe is off.

This isn't because of Cheradenine Zakalwe's conversion to fullblown anti-Semitism. He was always anti-Arab and anti-North-African (and not just anti-Muslim); he has been anti-Jew for the past year at least.

I let it go. I have personal reasons not to like the racial part of his anti-Semitism, but I let it go. As long as his blog was focused against Islam, I gritted my teeth and accepted these asides as asides. After all I do not agree with everything said at (say) Vox Day's, either - or, from the Left, at Ace's. And Zakalwe has had a point or two: it is difficult for any nation to maintain community-cohesion where there are multiple communities within it. These communities deemed alien to the host must include rootless wanderers like me but, well, there are over a hundred other countries I can try out, including Israel.

But it is just not part of my focus, as a semi-Semite or - more to the point - as a researcher of Islam, to be linking to blogs that are not relevant to what I do. Zakalwe implicitly agrees: he's to shut down the blog, and to start up one or more new projects.

I wish Zakalwe well, and if his book is interesting I'll buy it. Maybe even review it. It's possible I'd even like it. But he has gone his way, and I have to go mine own way.

UPDATE 1/22: Say hello to Roger Pearse.

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