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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fixes to the translation


I have over the last two days uploaded some changes to Frank-Kamenetzky, Studies upon the Relationship of the Poems.

There was a longstanding howler in there, where I vocalised one of Noeldeke's little Arab-script flourishes as "Hijjah". Soon after the upload I realised that he meant, of course, "Hujjah" - "evidence". But I couldn't justify wasting's bandwidth on something that trivial (if not to me).

But yesterday I read Geyer's review. This reminded me that my work is something more than just a translation. It's a grounding of these two essays into their time: right after Schulthess's edition, and so at a point when most scholars were still assuming Schulthess's earlier remarks that a Qur'anic parallel was immediate evidence of fraud. At this point such giants as Geyer and even Noeldeke had agreed with Schulthess; only Edmond Power, a priest in Lebanon, was arguing the nuanced view. That first of the two essays now translated convinced Noeldeke that Power was right; the second is where Noeldeke concedes the point.

Now, Geyer's review was very weak. But still, it showed me the backstory, and it highlit several individual poems as important. These included the controversial Nr. XLI. Geyer's review thus helped with my translations and, also, with my footnotes.

Today I've fixed some minor grammatical errors, and also stuck in two of Noeldeke's comments from 1910.

Here's hoping I haven't left too many more bugs in there.

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