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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I spent most of last night trying to get the academia / scribd engine to convert my PDF for view-mode. I embedded the fonts and I deleted the (one) pasted image... still I got the error. I gave up around 8:30 PM and apologised here for the mess.

Fortunately it seems that scribd was just freaking out over (I'm guessing) the Hebrew font; which the site has since turned into, I think, inline graphics. Anyway it's all up there now (except for the pasted image, which doesn't matter much anyway).

I would have noted these translations at the Koranic Allusions Amazon site itself... but I can no longer find where on the page the "discussion of the book" link is at. I'm certainly not going to flog my own work in someone else's Amazon review and besides, as you know, I didn't buy it at Amazon. I have instead contacted Ibn Warraq's publisher Prometheus.

UPDATE 11/28: I restored the pasted image! Woot, hooray and huzzah! Also some other fixes have gone in; including in my own footnotes, where I refer to Seidensticker. I added a footnote, too: a defence of Schulthess's text of Nr. XLVI against the critique of Power, ed. Ibn Warraq in 171 n. 29. That poem itself may or may not be defensible from the critiques of Frank-Kamenetzky (nor of Noeldeke) - but that much is not in scope of a translation. (Although, I'll confess, I had earlier touched on that too, with XLVI.7.)

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