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Friday, November 22, 2013

Open letter to my alma mater

(This would be Rice.)

Before you send people to call my cellphone uninvited, please ensure that said callers are people who (1) are informed about what that university is like these days and (2) have retained some small institutional memory of my mindset and attitude when I attended your school.

Please do not instruct freshmen who major in "Policy Studies" to call me.

As it happens, I do hold some opinions about how "policy" should work in this country - especially as pertains to "Policy Studies"-majoring idealists. I'd refer the reader to this guy, except that he clearly didn't go far enough.

Want me to lecture your freshmen about that guy? No? Think it might lead to a conversation nobody wants to have? Then don't fucking call me.

POSTSCRIPT - Okay, now I'm thankful that I did get called by an !!Obama!2016!! volunteer. I am reminded that the school hasn't got any better. Saves me some cash, it does.

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