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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Frank-Kamenetzky wrestles Umayya

When last we were discussing the Schulthess edition of Umayya's poetic diwan, and commentaries thereupon - I was checking into poems 24, 28, and 31. (I'd done poem 38 already.)

Since then I have been (feverishly) translating the rest of Israel Frank-Kamenetzky's commentary (for mine own use). Did I mention that I know basically no German? Yeah, I think I did! But I have managed to decrypt the last page of the conclusion - IFK thought that poems 24 and 28 were echt; but he rated 31, un-echt like 38. 'Echt' ist gut, ja?

Ja doch, I tend to agree with Gert Borg that the Echtheitsfrage shouldn't be our goal here. I am concerned more with which sura/suwar is/are in parallel to this or that poem, and whither is the direction of dependence. So given all that, I honestly don't care about exactly who wrote (say) poem 24. I just want to assign this poem to a class.

I gather that the reason IFK didn't approve of poem 31 is because it interspersed its Q. 11 refs with material from other suras. As for why he approved poem 28 - that much, I really can't gather. I had thought that its notice of the mount Judi was deutlich a reference to Q. 11, itself. Perhaps IFK is assuming that the Judi was known from pre-Qur'anic tradition.

I should get back to work on this.

UPDATE 12/2: Yeah, #28 is bogus. But in a good way!

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