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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who fears Islam most

That German article, on the topic of holy terror, brought up a scholar who has been driven out for questioning Islam: Nasr Abu-Zayd. Abdel-Samad, standing in for the Muslim point of view in western Europe, admits that matters are tense.

I get the impression that matters're most tense for freethinking Arabs. Westerners get to say whatever the hell we want (well, unless we have to go to work with Muslims). No-one has ever threatened, say, Patricia Crone; at least, not to my knowledge. If she ever was threatened, it wasn't serious. She is still at it.

I think I can place a good bet on what nationality "Christoph Luxenberg" adheres to: Syrian, or Lebanese.

UPDATE: The first version of this text had: This brings to mind Suliman Bashear, a Druze scholar in Nablus. Doctor Bashear was, famously, defenestrated by the students there; he subsequently "defected" to Israel. I should have known better, since at the time I'd possessed Badeghi / Goudarzi, "Ṣan‘ā’ 1 and the Origins of the Qur’ān". Page 32 notes that his widow Dr Lily Feidy has consistently denied this. Apologies to the good Muslim students of Nablus, who would never conceive of such a thing. Er. Maybe not then. Matters are likely different now.

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