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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Overpriced Brill books

For Sayyari's Kitab al-qira'at, Brill asked an exorbitant price in the 200s. Motzki's Jurisprudence was about a hundred last I looked. In those cases, I'd thought that the books might be worth it to some - not to me, but to a university library perhaps. But while Brill're demanding $200 for reheated Noeldeke, that's where I've got to cry foul.

Prometheus Books and ISI products get read by us amateurs because they're affordable. The Cambridge University, SUNY, and Darwin Presses put out books that aren't exactly cheap; but you can understand why (say) Seeing Islam is about $60 (and God's Caliph currently at $20-something new is a pretty darn good deal). And then... there's Brill.

It's like these authors or Brill just don't/doesn't want the proles to get their hands on anything dangerous. Only the Elect get access to this Knowledge. Somewhat counterintuitive given that they think Noeldeke translations are where it's all happenin'.

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