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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Noeldeke's Geschichte des Qorans

Noeldeke's life-work is now translated to English - thanks to Wolfgang Behn (Brill, May 2013). This is about as foundational a work on Islamic scholarship as ever was. For now it is yours for the low, low cost of 200 dollars! Practically a bargain. *koff*

As it happens I already have a download of the original German lying around somewhere... and anyway, every professional scholar of Islam has read it in that language, or has had a grad student read it to him in their own language - so I do have the gist of this book. Noeldeke sets the suras into three Meccan periods and a Madinan. He completely accepts the Sira for the Prophet's biography and output. In short, his book is wrong. It is still interesting, partly as an historical artifact in its own right, moreso as context for those other scholars' footnotes. But it is not worth $200, not nearly. I'd consider it for $45.

This is one for the university libraries. Perhaps.

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