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Friday, October 18, 2013

Islamwissenschaft ueber Ohlig (und Luxenberg)

I stumbled across another German-language blog: Musafira.

The blogger in question cares for Islam and feminism. She does not care for racism, discrimination, Islamphobia andzzzzz*snork* sorry, what was that? Also she wears hijab.

I haven't the slightest respect for Musafira's politics. If she cannot be a German - and an observant Muslim can never be a German - then while in Germany she should accept her inherent inequality with Germans.

However I do appreciate Musafira's seriousness about Islamwissenschaft. I like to think that that's mainly what we do here in the House.

All that said: here is a Google-translation of a German-language roundup concerning Karl-Heinz Ohlig.

Musafira's choice of scholars is biased, of course. We've just met Neuwirth and Sinai. Another of them is Tilman Nagel. Nagel imagines that he has written the biography of the Prophet. Nagel is operating in the fringe, beyond even Motzki and Schoeler. As for Musafira's inclusion of Nagel's drivel - well, it's pretty clear that she's not doing this for Westerners' sake. (Is there a German or Arabic translation of "preaching to the choir"?)

Heidemann and Marx are more serious as Islamwissenschaftler.

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