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Saturday, October 05, 2013

How to lose a sale: Amazon edition

Late last Monday night, I placed an order for two books, of which Ibn Warraq's Koranic Allusions was one. I made the mistake of going with the Super Saver Shipping option, where if your purchase is expensive enough then Amazon sends it out for free.

Amazon obviously figured that they could take their super-duper-sweet time on this one.

On Wednesday I took the liberty of leafing through the table of contents; I reviewed that much, then. Just now I went off to Denver, on the unrelated errand of cashing my royalty cheque (w00t!). I took in the Tattered Cover on Colfax, on my way back. That store had a copy of Ibn Warraq's book right on the shelf. I checked my email - nope, Amazon still haven't done anything. Bought the book. Raced home. Cancelled the order.

I still have the other book pending, basically because I can't easily get it elsewhere...

So: jeers to Amazon, for taking this damn long. You know, I get it, that I went the cheap route. I can understand a couple days to sort everything out, maybe spend some quality-time at the water cooler chuckling at us cheapskates. And you know what; I did wait a couple days. Normally even the Super Saver option means they don't take all that long. Especially since they don't get paid 'til they send it (for legal reasons in part).

I couldn't help but notice, as of Monday, that the site was offering another "free" shipping option. That's the option where they send it in 2-3 days... if you sign up for Prime. They were pushing that one pretty hard.

And I can't help but feel, after waiting all this week, that Amazon is deliberately hamstringing its Super-Saver deals to make people want the Prime option more. I can't prove that this is policy but - well, I do believe that I can assert that we're not their priority, with all that entails.

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