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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The debunking of Patricia Crone

Patricia Crone on Hagarism: We [Crone and Michael Cook] were young, and we did not know anything. The book was just a hypothesis, not a conclusive finding. I do not think that the book's thesis is valid.

Crone on Meccan Trade: What the author of Meccan Trade did not know, twenty years ago, was that the Roman army swallowed up colossal amounts of leather.

Ulrike Mitter on Roman, Provincial and Islamic Law. Note: Crone salvaged this book from the second part of her own doctoral thesis, supervised by Bernard Lewis. She downplays said thesis in the preface to this very book: so far as it has not been published, it has been abrogated.

Michael RJ Bonner on "Qubād’s Heresy and Mazdak’s Revolt": generally unconvincing... she never explains in a convincing manner why all sources mentioning Mazdak link his eponymous heresy with Qubād... Crone’s seemingly inexorable argument is based on a great mass of sources, from a variety of different epochs, none of which she has subjected to serious scrutiny

Of course, mine own curriculum-vitae ain't much better. I mean, I do not hold a Ph.D. at all, even with an asterisk. And I certainly cannot boast a thesis-advisor that launched a thousand ships.

UPDATE 9/13/2014: An earlier version pointed to some skepticism by Gabriel Said Reynolds. This may well amount to less of a debunking and more of a quibble.

UPDATE 1/28/2017: On the other hand, now we hear that Mazdakism wasn't much of a heresy.

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